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Wine Tasting

Private Tastings. Corporate Events.

Tom I'Anson Wines offers a Private Tasting Service. If you want to add an extra dimension to a dinner party or corporate event, why not have a tasting with specially selected wines appropriate to the food or event? 

Or maybe you just want to organise a tasting at yours for some friends. We can supply the wines, the tasting notes and the glasses. Everything you need for a great tasting event.

We can source and supply the wines for the evening, come to your home or venue, speak to the guests about each wine, provide tasting notes on each wine and help everyone to understand a little more about what goes into the glass they'll be holding.

With each set of tasting notes will be an order form, offering a discounted rate on the wines if ordered from that event. 

How does it Work?

If you want to host a private tasting contact us firstly to discuss all the options including payment terms, fees and logisitics. Tom I'Anson Wines Ltd. will then source and supply wines for the evening that are appropriate for the food or an agreed theme you may want for the tasting.

At the tasting, I will arrive with the wines and tasting notes. At your behest, I then conduct a brief and informative tasting session for you and your guests. When you are ready to sit down to eat, I take my leave whilst you enjoy your meal and the accompanying wines.


A dinner party for six. You would like to serve a champagne,  a white wine for the starter, a red wine for the main and a sweet wine for the pudding. 

Tom I'Anson Wines Ltd. will put together a wine selection for your approval. Once approved the invoice for the wines and tasting fee is paid.

I then arrive at an appropriate time, with the wines, chilled as required and ready for serving.

Your guests arrive and start on the champagne with some tasting notes from me. We move onto a brief tasting session of the white, the red and then the sweet. 

You'll then want to eat, I'll leave you to it and you can then enjoy your meal with a background knowledge of each of the wines you'll then be drinking with the meal.